TowerING Options

Game learning about
Decisions, Timing
Options, Commitments

Greg Jones
Damian Soto


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Actions speak louder than words.

When actions and words are inconsistent: 
actions are followed.

A lot of our behaviour and decisions are automatic.

Get Started

The goal of the game is to build the tallest tower.
The team that builds the tallest tower in 15 rounds wins.

  • Divide the bricks into four piles of equal number of blocks.
  • Examine (view don't touch!) the blocks
  • Decide individually which pile looks most promising to build the tallest tower.
  • Discuss your options.

  • Move to your chosen pile to commit.
  • You Join a team by choosing a pile.


  • Should bricks fall down, other teams may snatch them yet only one per team.
  • After every 5 rounds, you shift all remaining material to the team on your right.


  • The game has 15 rounds, time-boxed to 2 minutes.
  • Teams work in parallel. In each round, each team has to choose to:
    • Add a block to your tower,
    • Remove a block from your tower(which may not be placed back in the same position later),
    • Use a joker to refactor your tower (changing the order of the blocks without adding or removing any). A joker can only be played once per team.



How many moves where your able to plan ahead?
Why not more?
Where you aware if your options were changing?
How? When did you notice?
What caused your options to change?
Which options did you use to your advantage and 
When did you realise your could?

In which way does this game relate to your (work) life?

Real Options

Options have Value
Options Expire
Never Commit Early Unless you Know Why

Decide when to Decide
And when to Commit.

Too Early

  • They plan the duration of work in advance.
  • They commit to due dates (milestones, deadlines…) in advance.
  • They estimate efforts in units of “ideal” time.
  • (as if there was such a thing as non-ideal time. What would that be? Less illusionary?)

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Towering Options

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Towering Options

Real Options, Towering game. based on presentations by Olaf Lewitz

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