Bulgaria is starting to show a few startup successes. But it also has other great talent to support, from scientists who consistently make breakthroughs, to software developers with an itch to start their own project.


We started a program to enable you to find your start, and support you towards the goals you set.

Join the Open Layer.

There are no entry requirements. Pop in whenever you like.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Intellectual Property Workshops

Presentation Training

Coached Goal-Setting

Expert Opportunity Assessment Days

Unconferences to learn from each other

Mentors review your progress.

If they see potential, they reach out to help, and give you access to the next layer.

Open Interviews with entrepreneurs and interesting tech stories

Access the Performance Layer.

When you're getting serious, and mentors can see that.

Fast answers from our global network

VIP access to speaker parties at conferences

Speaker dinners and workshops scheduled based on your needs

Equity Deal

Access to this layer comes with a 3% equity stake, but only after you've had 3 months of access and are happy to continue. We want to be valuable and earn our share.

Private retreats with international experts

Problem-solving groups with fellow  entrepreneurs and mentors

Weekly Rhythm

Starts with sharing your bullet point challenges, then a relevant speaker dinner or workshop is scheduled, as well as problem-solving group sessions.

Quality creation, not quality control.

Open access invests our effort in enabling more people to make it work for them and get serious, rather than on ineffectively filtering a dwindling number from receiving support.

We don't schedule topics.

We schedule help.


A Clinic session emulates an apprenticeship. A challenger, who has their own real challenge to solve, and an expert, who has some relevant experience in that area, will work together in a fixed timebox.

Open Spaces

Open Spaces are conferences where the participants define the session topics by co-creating a schedule, and then teach each other.


Eastern Europe needs a viable approach to technology transfer.

Nobody knows what that is yet, but we're going to find out.

  • Western Universities are stuck on exclusive licensing, which doesn't work.
  • Startup accelerators are fixed to VC investment paths, which don't make sense all the time.
  • New forms of patent pooling are emerging world-wide.
  • Chinese marketplaces for obfuscation technologies are making trade secrets a more viable option.
  • We have local successes and lots of great technology development - we need to learn about them.

Online Course

Based on interviewing local and relevant entrepreneurs, who show us that different paths are possible.

Here's a Ghanaian founder explaining how he got his first telco deals.  It was part of an online course for African founders.

Open Interviews

Rather than guest lectures, we run open interviews, allowing anyone at any stage to ask questions. So the conversation helps everyone learn something usable, and we all get to hear great questions that only experienced entrepreneurs would think to ask.

Bulgaria can rise to global leadership in technology commercialisation.


  • A support program that responds to the real challenges as they arise.
  • Use this insight to lead the way in new approaches to technology commercialisation.
  • Attract top talent from places that have related paths to success: Asia, Africa

We've setup some of the world's top technology commercialisation programs and methodologies.

Interested? Come join us!


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