Richard Bettridge

Infrastructure Engineering


Developing games for ~2 years, primarily for virtual reality 

Short Range Sensors







  • Cross Platform (phone, tablet, PC, web)
  • Traditional & Virtual Reality (Oculus and Cardboard SDK)
    • if (rift_detected || cardboard_nfc){ vr_mode = true; }
  • Multiple Input Types (gamepad, keyboard, mouse, touch, etc)
    • if ( bluetooth_gamepad ){ disableTouchOverlay();}
  • Auto scale, rotate and aspect
    • Playable in portrait or landscape
    • GUI re-positions on change.

VR in all games as an option

  • Cool bonus feature at the least
  • Immersion and sense of presence
    • You're "in" the game
    • Sense of scale
  • Adds new elements of game play
    • turret aiming and player looking independently. 
    • Look over you shoulder to see whats going on while still firing towards target.
  • Increases replay-ability (two ways to play)
  • VR Market is not over saturated yet
  • Free or Cheap Assets (Art/Sound/Models/Particle Effects)
  • Little/Basic coding (Beginner - Intermediate level)
  • Sound Effect Generator (next slide)

​Game Concept

  • Aliens opened a portal within close range to earth
  • They are sending through scout ships to attack the surface
    • damage over time (dot)
  • They are redirecting asteroids through the portal
    • large impact damage
  • You are one of few in-orbit defense vessels 
  • As you defend against wave support ships are sent from earth through the portal on an offensive
  • The more waves/offensive strikes you send through, the portal begins to recede
  • Eventually you go through the portal on the offensive equipped with a bomb to destroy the enemy planet
    • flip the tables
  • Health of earth (and your ultimate score) is gauged by remaining population or lives saved.
  • You must also protect your ship against direct asteroid impact and enemy fire


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