Beware of the bees!

The BeeWare collection

What is it all about?

What is this presentation?

  • A pile of notes about beeware
  • ... with a lot of hyperlinks
  • ... a springboard to jump into some demos

An insanely ambitious bottom-up approach to platform-independent applications & tooling for python

A GUI Library for
desktop and mobile
with native ui widgets

The python standard library
in pure python

A Python VM
written in JavaScript

a lot more
bits & pieces

Short Demos

  • Batavia is an implementation of the Python virtual machine, written in Javascript.
  • Toga uses native system widgets, not themes. Also on Android and iOS and others.
  • Briefcase tools to support converting a Python project into a standalone native application.

People sometimes ask me for projects they could start learning and contribute to Python stuff... Well, lots of pybee projects are:


Stage of

You can contribute

Beware of the bees

By Stefan Antoni

Beware of the bees

A quick overview of the beeware projecte and some demos

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