Presented By: John Boote

What I'm going to discuss:

  • Why Internet Marketing and SEO is an effective method for Lead Generation
  • Dispel Some Myths About SEO
  • What SMB's look for in an SEO Agency
  • What I think you should look for in an Agency
  • Why Summit Protocol
  • Good Referrals


SEO Myth #1

If you don't appear in the search engines, consider it a huge lost opportunity

SEO Myth #2

SEO Myth #3

SEO Myth #4

Why                     ? 


  • #1 SEO Expert in Calgary
  • We are not "just an SEO company"
  • Research, Research, and more Research
  • We don't do "cookie-cutter SEO"
  • We know and practice SEO
  • Part of a mastermind with some of the top SEO consultants in the world
  • Engaged in "leading-edge safe SEO"
  • We partner with our clients
  • I do the work



#1 SEO Expert in Calgary

  • Receive over 50% of traffic
  • Name and Brand Recognition
  • 100 phone calls per month

  • increased Sales 11:12 weeks

  • 200+ Page One Rankings

  • 24:0 page visits->closed sales

  • 17,500 Site impressions in January

  • 14 phone calls in January

Who Cares? Show Me Results!

Good Referrals


  • Small to Medium Sized Businesses that already spend advertising dollars and have marketing budgets
  • Yellow Pages Advertisers
  • Friends or peers in your existing niche that operate in other cities
  • Business owners you know that already work with an SEO agency but are not getting results

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition



BNI Presentation - 17th Feb 2015

By Summit Protocol

BNI Presentation - 17th Feb 2015

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