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(APA, MLA, RefWorks)

Research paper  (25%)

The final and most central component of this course is the submission of your final research paper in which you present, summarize and analyze data, present ethnographic methods and discuss theory. Length: Cover page + approx. 1500-2000 words of text (about 6-7 pages; maximum of 8 pages) + bibliography with 3 references.

Bibliography  Tips

1 - follow your professor's instructions

2 - pick your style: APA, MLA or Chicago

3 - find a style guide and follow it, along with your prof's instructions

4 -If  you have questions, try our Tutorial or Ask Us!

Tutorial: References & Citing

3 references: academic/peer reviewed

which one  is academic or peer-reviewed?

Academic/Peer reviewed References

where would you start searching for those 3 academic references?

Tell your neighbour

Just for anthropologists: Anthropology Databases

Search all collections:
Discovery Search 

limit to scholarly /


 To find 3 academic references

Find more:
Google Scholar

your research paper must include:

an example of a social, economic or political phenomenon, a social process, an issue, or a practice...

as it pertains to a

specific group of people

If I started with:

What is the relationship between social media and language revitalization ?

I might end up with:

The revitalization of Mayan languages in Guatemala and Facebook: resilience or appropriation?

Don't forget about: 

Your course readings

Good old GOOGLE

for ideas or starting points

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ANTH 202

By susie breier

ANTH 202

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