PSYC 004 / The UnEssay

Nabil Kashyap

Digital Scholarship Librarian

🎨 creative project 🎨drawing upon 📚 theory & research 📚 to address a

🔍 question or problem 🔍 that speaks to 🤓 two audiences 😎 -- academic  & non-academic

Online Slides



Media Artifact

Digital Scholarship

  • accessible & concise language

  • platform appropriate for the research  

  • accurate & rigorous interface elements

  • media contributes to understanding your question or problem

  • navigable, coherent, & appealing to your audience

Pair Up!

  1. How does it relate to the topic or approach?

  2. What questions does it bring up?

  3. Who might be included? Who might be excluded?

In Small Groups

How does this contribute to understanding the issue?

e.g., Is it visually engaging? Does it make easier to understand in some way? Does it encourage exploration? Does it facilitate transparency? Might it be suited to meet your target audience where they are?

Thank You!

Nabil Kashyap / nkashya1 / McCabe 110

psyc 004: The UnEssay

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psyc 004: The UnEssay

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