The basics

Some terminology

 .NET: Programming framework

which we use to develop websites

CMS: Content Management System

RTE: Rich Text Editor

What is Umbraco?

 A .NET CMS that editors

can use to manage their website content. 

Why use Umbraco?

It's free!
It's easy to work with
It provides a lot out of the box
Lots of people contributing
It's easy to extend and build upon
Big clients use it e.g. Microsoft -
We are a .NET orientated development team 
We are a Gold Partner
Convince your boss PDF

Let's create a website


  • Latest release (7.4.3)

  • Unzip

  • Edit hosts file

  • Set file permissions

  • Add to IIS and run locally


  • Install screen

  • Database details

  • User details

  • Custom options

Getting started with content

Access Umbraco

  • Creating users

  • Login

  • Logout

  • Change Password

Working with content

  • Add new pages

  • Edit pages

  • Save and publish

Changing content

  • Unpublish and delete pages

  • Sorting content

  • Moving content

Media section

  • Adding media items

  • Allowed media options

  • Batch upload


Take some time to relax. Make a cup of tea, coffee, etc.

Taking the next steps

Content options

  • Audit trail

  • Rollback to previous versions

  • Expiry dates

  • Public access

  • Notifications

Roles and permissions

  • Admin

  • Editor

  • Writer

  • Translator


  • Content: edit pages

  • Media: edit images

  • Settings: website config (e.g. templates)

  • Developer: extras (e.g. packages)

  • Members: member accounts

  • Users: umbraco admins

  • Forms: plugin, allows building forms

Extending Umbraco

Out of the box

  • RTE

  • Document types

  • Templates

  • Data types

  • Macros 

  • Translations


  • There are many!

  • Mostly free

  • Offer new functionality

  • Some are provided from Umbraco

  • Examples - awesome umbraco


  • Cloud hosting from Umbraco

  • Automated upgrades

  • Improved deployment workflow

  • Less maintenance


Read more:

Useful Links

Marketing site


Download latest release


Read the docs


Watch some tutorials


Find some packages


Enjoy Umbraco.

Umbraco training

By Thomas Morris

Umbraco training

A presentation aimed at content editors, web developers and those getting to know the possibilities of Umbraco.

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