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Paint zoom is an air reservoir system widely featured as HVLP (High volume/ Low 
volume pressure). This marvelous paint spraying machine has one touch operation which 
concentrates on time complexity. Paint zoom doesn’t act as hurdle for outdoor surface. It is 
highly recommended to use in flat walls, stucco, brick, paneling, ceilings, concrete, wood etc.

In this running world people doesn’t have enough time to decorate their house with professional 
touch. Paint zoom is designed with appropriate handlings and paint cost in half. Paint zoom is 
portable because it is provided with shoulder strap. Paint zoom focuses specifically on viscosity, 
spray geometry control and volume flow control which out shows the professional quality look.


    Paint zoom is made up of ultra durable material which makes 
a perfect finishing touch. 
Paint zoom is functioned with power pack of 650 watt motor delivers power when you need. 
From paint zoom gun nozzle the suctioned compressed air is drawn out using paint cup.
The bridged gap between professional-quality and low ease makes your painting neat.

It is capable
of utilizing 7.61 gallons of paint per hour and metal 2 finger trigger to stop the process 
immediately. Paint zoom is processed by three ways such as round, horizontal and vertical on 
painting surface.


Paint zoom is a unique paint spraying machine and can be characterized as lightweight, 
minimum overspray, maximum control. Other spray machines like rollers and brushers need 
maintenance and filter to clean. Paint zoom doesn’t need maintenance and filter options to 

Highly stabilized polymers and metals are built up to clean. Rollers and brushers are bulk 
in nature and coded with high technical design. Paint zoom 
have a pattern of simple design and 
takes less time. Paint zoom avoids mess formation and 
reaches tight corners. It is one-coat 
coverage with no drip kind of application for easy cleanup process.


1. Simple design with one-touch operations.
2. 100% coverage in coating by 3 ways - round, horizontal and vertical.
3. 1.45 PSI for minimum overspray and maximum control.
4. 650 watt turbine, 5’hose, 7’cord professional spray gun.
5. Designed using latex, oil paints and stains. 
6. Portable and easy to clean.

7. Constructed using polymers and metals.

8. Non-stop sprays and no maintenance needed.

9. Complete professional finishing.

10. Avoids the mess formation.

11. Gun nozzle container accessories.

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  • Paint Zoom - Shop online at best price in India

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    Paint Zoom - Shop online at best price in India

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