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  • What is Meteor?
  • Live coding a chat app
  • Why Meteor?
  • How does it work?
  • Future – What's next


Open source platform for building web and mobile apps in JavaScript

Built for the next generation of apps

Rich, responsive user interfaces

Collaborative multi-user applications

Cross platform apps

Meteor, makes this fast and easy to build

How modern apps
look and feel

Modern apps today like Uber and Facebook

Different from traditional page-based apps

Serve data, not markup

Heavy-lifting is done on the client

Meteor, is built for this architecture


Let's build a chat app








Press down for demo video

Why Meteor?

Great developer experience

Quick – time to market

Rapid prototyping

Easy to learn

Why JavaScript?

One language to rule them all, Versatile

Has gotten really great lately, ES6

JavaScript wasn't bad, implementations was

Availability is winning


#1 most listed language on Github

How does Meteor work?


Server – Node.js

Database – MongoDB



Basically MEAN but easier

Package System

Extend your app

Build your own packages

Update packages – Version resolver 

Find suitable packages (Atmosphere)

Sub projects

Livequery – Realtime database queries

DDP – Subscribe to changes in the database

Minimongo – Run database queries on the client

Blaze – Keep the view up to date with your data

Command line tool

Add, Find and List packages

Update Meteor & packages

Create packages

Publish packages (Atmosphere)

Business cases

LEAN Startups – Use Meteor to build your MVP

Micro Services – Single problem solutions

Types of Apps

Web apps

Web applications that feel native

Single purpose apps to solve your micro problem

Mobile apps

Responsive – Fits all devices

Hybrid apps, Cordova/PhoneGap – Installed from a store

React native – Installed and Native

Desktop apps

Sometimes apps are better suited as installed applications and not in a browser tab.

I.e. Slack, Atom, VisualStudio, Sunrise



Isometric apps

Apps that run on all environments;
Web, Mobile and Desktop


Where code can be shared between all of them.

Meteor supports Web and Mobile today.

Open source apps

Free to use applications to spawn your own version of;

Telescope – social news app

SpaceTalk – chat app for teams

Libreboard – kanban board


An open-source social news app built with Meteor






An open-source chat app built with Meteor


40+ in the team on Github and Trello

210+ registered on Slack

Just released v0.1.1

What's next?

Rendering frameworks

Core support for multiple rendering frameworks


Blaze (Meteor default)

React (Facebook)

Angular (Google)


Galaxy: managed production-quality "meteor deploy"

Coming later this year



meteor deploy yourapp.com

Meteor Roadmap

Support for more databases, SQL

Server side rendering

Incremental loading

Learning resources

Official Meteor tutorial

Official Documentation





Meteor on YouTube – Presentations & Lightning talks

Kadira Academy – In depth tutorials

Meteorpedia – Wiki for Meteor

EventedMind – Screencasts

Thx for listening



Discover Meteor – Future Insights Las Vegas 2015

By Tim Brandin

Discover Meteor – Future Insights Las Vegas 2015

Meteor is an open source platform for building web and mobile apps in JavaScript. This is a presentation on Meteor from Future Insight in Las vegas 2015.

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