In Taiwan

(The founder of JavaScript.tw) 

First JavaScript developer Conference in Taiwan  (2012) 

In Taiwan 

There's a lot of websites and web services.
We have 60,000 CS  students graduated every year.

There're hundreds of companies in Taipei. And they're recruiting web related developers.

In THE Past

There were no front-end jobs.

Just FULL STACK job.

We still need to take care of IE6 & IE7  before 2012.

But HTML5 & CSS3 are more and more acceptable now  since mobile web is growing up.

Front-End developer

Hugh amount of us are actively building meetups 
and communities for web developers since 2011.

We try to spread the words of "front-end"
to all the Taiwan.

The core workers and volunteers 

Of JavaScript Developer Conference 2012

Nowadays in Taiwan

There're a lot of foreign companies 
hiring pure front-end developers  in Taiwan.

We care about every cutting-edge front-end tool and information.

We even have  local Node.JS and AngularJS communities. (nodejs.tw, AngularJS.tw)

Developers in Taiwan

We're eager to learn new stuff.

Our conference tickets are usually sold out within 5 minutes.
(400 ~ 600 tickets.)

For tons of developers in Taiwan.

How strong are WE

Here's a mindmap of our communities.

Meetups almost every week!

Welcome to join us

We host conference around May every year,
Let us  know  if you want to contribute any topics to us. :)

mailto: hq@jsdc.tw

Here we are  ;)

JSer in Taiwan

By TonyQ Wang

JSer in Taiwan

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