First Demo Deck

By Tony Su

First Content slide

How about that?
Added a slide without code.
Note that this slide was created with the Add icon at bottom of page so it's making a slide below the previous slide.
Let's see what sets up automatically

  1. Adding a numbered list
  2. WYSIWYG is placing numbers slighly off left margin

Creating a Second slide

Note that the first slide was created below the Title slide.
Since you can't "go back" to a previous slide (eg the Title slide) and create a new slide that follows (different position) the previous slide, I will attempt to create this slide first, then position later.

Let's hope it works!

How about that... Creating a new slide appears to auto position on the main flow so was auto created to succeed the Title slide.

So, no re-positioning needed.

Slide Deck Playground

By Tony Su

Slide Deck Playground

Playground to try out stuff

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