• What is Bitcoin?
  • Current Problems
  • Adoption Hypothesis
  • Proposed Solutions

What is Bitcoin?

Fractions of a Penny

  • Visa, Mastercard: ~2.0%
  • Amex: ~3.5%
  • PayPal: 2.9% + $0.30
  • Bitcoin: ~$0.04



"In principle, any of the functionality or services related to payment and transfer offered in the existing financial system should be, and likely will be a candidate for reform if such reform can result in greater efficiency by using technology developed in the open-source distributed network framework that is at the foundation of bitcoin."


-- Boston Federal Reserve

Absurdly Brief VC Market Overview

Bitcoin Venture Capital Investments

2012: $36m

2013: $88m

2014: $284m (run-rate)


Internet Venture Capital Investments

1995: $250m



Adoption Hypothesis

  • Resistance by payment processors is futile
  • Consumer adoption is irrelevant
  • Services that utilize bitcoin as a tool to improve the existing system, will find an amply-captialized market of customers and investors.


a web interface that manages and monitors a farm of hash servers

Future Products

Hashpanel will form the foundation for the future product strategy.


  • escrow service
  • market making
  • contract verification
  • ???



By Travis Webb


A web-based control panel for managing bitcoin miners.

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