Read article fully and try to share on twitter

Interesting link to medium article

Browse reddit before sleeping

Be me.

Box with an arrow

I have never used an iphone.

Is this the share icon?

No way to find out. Would really appreciate labels.

Deduce that it has to be this - by process of elimination

Create an account? I just want to share on twitter

I'm not even sure if I'm sharing or doing something else entirely

Would be great if I had a cue saying "Sign in to share" instead of a generic sign-in or create an account

Maybe I'll just use chrome's built-in share over the website's share

Then again, maybe I won't. 

This is way too much effort for a tweet.

The "Tweet this" buttons are usually easier

Medium - Share article on twitter

By Vinay Raghu

Medium - Share article on twitter

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