Top 6

the most

expected technologies

in agriculture

6. Drones, Satellites, GPS, Meteostations

It’s already used in the tech-developed agricultural sector. This appliances are used for:

  • digitalize maps of fields;
  • crop monitoring;
  •  collect detailed data. 

Collected by different devises data about crop (or cattle) became a very precious resource. Now farmers could monitor different aspects of vegetation. It is also useful in the case like:

  •  Weather prediction
  • Stress monitoring
  • Automatisation of analysis

4.Machine learning, Artificial intelligence 

That are useful technologies which could reload farming. We all know that farming is a process with some stable parts. Now, if we have enough sensors, this process could be lead by AI.


It is used now, for example, in the battle against weed. In different countries, like Brazil or Germany, you could find a spraying machine, which in real time could diagnose weed and put pesticide just on it.

3. Robotics 


The previous machine is not far from robotic staff. Now there are a lot of startups who work on robotic development. Some of them could grow plants without people and waste fewer chemicals. 

Not only...

Even now in the agriculture sector are many different robotics. Some of them work in greenhouses to help peoples there, some work on fields to help farmers kill weeds.




This technology became famous thanks to digital currencies. But it can make a revolution in agriculture too. It is about traceability and controlled food chain. 

1.Tech for Urban Farming

Greenhouses in caves, on the roofs and even on platforms in the sea. All these areas could be very important in the future food chains. And also give us a hope, that we will produce enough food for the next generation.

What about Ukraine

Only 20-30 % of farmers use any technologies. Accouter programs, satellites\drones, GRS-tracking, agro meteorology are the most spread of them.

We don’t have high tech deployment in the Ukrainian agricultural sector



By Volodymyr Malynka