School ALarm

Controversial private school reaps public funding

Will Evans
The Center for Investigative Reporting
@willCIR @CIRonline

What is this School?

  • federal court records
  • local court records
  • accredited?
  • interviews
  • 990s? (not for churches)

The Money

Title I: extra instruction for struggling students

Title II: teacher training

federal money shared with private schools

Who's in COntrol?

State sends federal money to district

District responsible for control of funds

Services, not money, go to private schools

Teachers should be independent

Are the Numbers Padded?

Numbers reported on private school affidavit

Under penalty of perjury

No one checks

Claimed: 195 students

Fack check:

fire department inspection


current/former students/parents

court records

School ALarm

By willcir

School ALarm

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