Git in the real world

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Git on various devices

Git Workflows

Centralized Version Control Problems

Commands and demo

Git the DVCS

Why not centralized?

Centralized Systems become slow beastly giants that require an army to maintain them

Need to be connected to the server


"I'm an egotistical bastard, and I name all my projects after myself. First 'Linux', now 'git'."

 Linus Torvalds

A very smart man got annoyed by CVS too


Git is small and crazy fast  distributed version control system that just gets out of your way


Git comes with cheap branching and can support many work flows

The community support behind git is unparalleled


Git  != Github

Atlassian's bitbucket is cool too

By the way, none of these are necessary the origin could be on network share

Git on Windows

Git on Mac


GitHub help


Set SSH on Mac


More comprehensive post


P4Merge for 3 way merging


DiffMerge difftool


Git Extensions

Git on Mobile Devices

Git with TFS

Centralized flow

Git flow

Forking flow

Commands and Demo

Basic commands and history

Multiple Origins

 Thank You

Git in the real world

By yogia

Git in the real world

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