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What's new in Umbraco C# 8?




Question 1/64

Who already installed
Visual Studio 2019 (or used it in the Preview)?

Question 2/64

Who is regularly using C# 7 features?

If it's there - use it.

If you can't use the latest C# Umbraco at work, do it at least at home!
(unless you're working from home...)

public class GoldenThought1 : ITweetable {

C# history in a nutshell

  • C# 3 - LINQ FTW!
  • C# 4 - Dynamics FTW!
  • C# 5 - Async FTW!
  • C# 6 - ???
    • Roslyn (compiler-as-a-service)
    • Exception fillters
    • Auto property initializers & default values for getter-only properties
    • Expression-bodied members
    • Null propagator
    • String interpolation
    • nameof
  • C# 7 - ???
    • Out variables
    • Pattern Matching FTW!
    • Tuples
    • Local functions
    • Ref, ref, ref... (returns, locals)
    • Expression-bodied constructors, finalizers, getters and setters
  • C# 8 - ???


C# 7.1

14th August 2017
Visual Studio 2017 Update 3 (version 15.3) (Roslyn, corefx, corecrl and more..)



C# 8.x with Umbraco?

Nah, not yet...

Works only in
VS 2019 Preview

(for now - why??)

What's next?!

Default Interface Members

MySweetClassWhichIDontWantToModify myClass = 
    new MySweetClassWhichIDontWantToModify();

// Won't work because FireAllDevs() is private

ICanHasDefaultMembers myClassOnSteroids = 

myClassOnSteroids.FireAllDevs(); // It works!

Implicitly Typed


Where to look for more

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Marcin @ umbraCoffee (Friday's 12:30 on YT)

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Questions? Afterparty!

Always up-to-d8! What's New in C# 8?

By Marcin Zajkowski

Always up-to-d8! What's New in C# 8?

Some developers haven't switched their manners to using the new C# 6 features yet and now we have version 7.3 and 8.0 in the preview! What’s new in the latest version? Should we be scared of the coming changes? Should we refactor current solutions or use the latest features in the next projects? For those and other questions, we will answer during this talk...

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