• Getting started with Lightning on the web

  • Vuetify

    A short introduction to Vuetify

  • WeChat MiniApps

    Short introduction to WeChats upcoming Miniapps

  • AWS simple static site setup (aw4s)

    How to combine different AWS services to deploy a static website.

  • Cordova CI build with Jenkins

    Slides to explain our current deployment for Cordova APPs using Jenkins but not touching a mac ever. Updated to use this approach: https://gist.github.com/escapedcat/2bde893b784147248c2d0f199394dc65

  • Babel / ES6

    Short intro to babeljs and some ES6 features.

  • Foundation for Apps Introduction

    Short deck for an internal tech talk to introduce the basics of Foundation for Apps to the team.

  • jQuery best practices

    This sums up the basic best practices for jQuery since 2011.

  • CSS is fun

    Pratical tips for writing cleaner CSS.