Cordova CI build


Outdated! Please go here

mac setup

  • provisioning profiles (.p12 files)
  • keychain with this profiles
  • permissions for codesign┬áto access keychain

xcode setup

  • we don't want to use xcode manually
  • scripts
    • create xcode archive from .xcodeproject
    • export IPA using correct provisioning profile

Cordova build

  • set ENV
    • DEV, QA, LIVE, etc.
  • config.xml
    • set versionnumber
    • set APP id


  • use mac-node
  • deps
    • nodejs
    • npm
    • cordova
    • gulp, bla, etc.
  • built frontend source
  • config repo
    • ENV config
    • APP config
  • upload to HockeyApp

Cordova CI build with Jenkins

By hannes

Cordova CI build with Jenkins

Slides to explain our current deployment for Cordova APPs using Jenkins but not touching a mac ever. Updated to use this approach:

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