• Poetry

  • Asynchronous Python

  • GRPC

    Quick summary of what GRPC is for the PBS tech talk walkthrough.

  • Building WASM-Frontend

  • Intro to Rust & WASM for JS Developers

  • Docker Multi-stage Builds and other Best Practices.

  • Django District - Docker

    A presentation on the use of Docker and how it made micro-service architecture a thing.

  • Flask, Zappa, and AWS Lambda

  • Decoupling our Angular.js App

  • CoffeeScript and the Road to ES2015

  • Sneaking React into Angular, Again

  • 5 minutes to Dockerizing your Node.js Application

  • NationJS Command Line Apps in Node

  • A DSL in Python

  • A Pythonista's Day-O-Haskell

  • Sneaking React into Angular

    Lightning talk about ngReact for the TrackMaven Monthly Challenge: BYOJS Library