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  • Media App

  • Viber Business

    Viber Chatbot for your business.

  • Java - What

  • Docker

  • Covid-19

  • Auto-Animate Code

    We've added support for incredibly smooth animations between code blocks. See it in action in this deck!

  • Opensource Introduction - Yoma Bank

    Open Source and Open Hackware

  • API

    API Services and Generates Docs

  • UFO

  • Open Source Software & Open Hack Hardware

    Open Source Software and Open Hack Hardware

  • LibreOffice

    LibreOffice and other OfficeSuite Compare

  • Cloud

    Cloud and Hangon Lab

  • Ubuntu Raspberry Pi

  • Blockchain

  • IoT

    Internet of Thing with LoRa

  • Arduino

  • Own Distro

  • Linux Intro

  • Ubuntu | Cloud | Juju

    Ubuntu Server Cloud OpenStack LXD Juju