• Full-Text search in Django

    Full-Text Search is an old problem. There are many solutions: the classic SQL LIKE statement, external search index, 3rd party SaaS, PostgreSQL’s trigram… This talk will go through the difference between the various approaches, providing elements to identify which one is the best for each case.

  • Full-Text search in Django

  • What makes us passionate

  • deck

  • Smoke Test

    A quick presentation to introduce smoke tests to junior dev @ Festicket.

  • Denormalization

  • FieldBuilder Snippet

  • Six thinking hat

  • 2016 agile

    An overview about SCRUM and why is important to use an agile methodology in software development.

  • Heroku Tour

    A brief introduction to Heroku: what it is, when it is convenient to use it, strengths and caveats, and how to build an application that can get the most from a cloud platform infrastructure.