• The perks of committing with conventions

    git is an awesome tool to keep around the history of your project. It asks one small thing in return, though: A commit message. Let's talk about how we can make better use of git by adopting commit conventions and the resulting opportunities for project automation. We'll also explore tools that help you to adhere and make the most of your glorious new commit style.

  • patternplate - A small terminology

    A short comparison of terms commonly used in the context of patternplate and related projects.

  • patternplate - State of the Union & Vision

    State of the patternplate platform as of January 2016. Ideas about the way forward.

  • patternplate & Atomic Design

    Primer to Atomic Design applied to Frontend Engineering @S2. We explain tech-assisted creation and maintenance of component libraries with patternplate.

  • patternplate

    Develop frontend components the npm(-ish) way