patternplate & Atomic Design

What the heck?

* [  ] Atomic Design

* [  ] patternplate

What the heck?

* [x] Atomic Design

* [  ] patternplate

Webdesign is hard

*  Responsive Design

*  Dynamic Views

*  Single Page Apps

 Responsive Design - the hard parts

* [x] Plethora of devices

* [x] Virtually infinite number of distinct viewports

* [x] Old problems with user agent differences persist

Responsive Design - the goal

* [x] Optimal presentation of content

* [x] Accessible by default

* [x] Standardization of components

⚠  Single Page Applications 

* [x] Break one thing, break the application

* [x] Potentially infinite number of mutations


Thinking and talking about pages will not cut it anymore - we'll have a hard time expressing all possible mutations of the things we create.

Let's shift our focus to systems of 

small and comprehensible components. 

Component systems

* [x] Definition of relative display rules

* [x] Identify basic common styling

* [x] Reusable components

* [x] Consistent design

Turns out...

Creating design sytems is hard


 Design systems - the hard part

* [x] Deconstruction of features is hard

* [x] Stake holders have a hard time giving up on "page"

* [x] Perceived low development velocity 

* [x] Lots and lots of boilerplate for component setup

(to the rescue)


patternplate in a nutshell

* [x] Unapologetically web based

* [x] Environment for design systems

* [x] Application for documentation of design systems

* [x] Build tool for extraction of tech

Transparency in team

Build process

Deliver faster

Deliver better


patternplate & Atomic Design

By Mario Nebl

patternplate & Atomic Design

Primer to Atomic Design applied to Frontend Engineering @S2. We explain tech-assisted creation and maintenance of component libraries with patternplate.

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