State of the Union & Vision

January 21th 2016


State of the Union & Vision


- [  ]  patternplate @S2

- [  ]  Things that are yay

- [  ]  Things that are meh 

- [  ]  A New Hope

- [  ]  Tackling the Death Star

/  Development since 02-2015

/  Bus Factor: ~3

/  Development happens primarily in free time

/  Public Open Source @Github since 07-2015



patternplate @S2


patternplate @S2


/ Broad usage at projects last year

- MOV (Ham)

- DBA (Ham)

- ALL (Ham)

- VWA (Ham)

- HAL (Ham)


patternplate @S2


/ Upcoming projects

- EDV (Fra)

- HIL (Muc)

- ...


things that are yay

/ Project stability

/ Adoption @S2

/ Positive Reception by non-techs 

/ Actual workflow improvements 

/ Technical reuse of components 

/ OpenSource


things that are meh

/ Bus Factor too low

/ Lots of unpaid work for contributors

/ Documentation is non-existing

/ Fuzzy cloud of expectations by non-techs

/ Development velocity decreases rapidly

/ First signs of technical debt

Low Velocity + 

Technical Debt

Low Velocity + 

Technical Debt

S2 offers to dogfeed

3 MD / week

What's the catch?

+ Dev team decides 

+ Free to organize ourselves

+ (Almost) no strings attached

+ Register the time as internal job


- Trial period of one month

- Clear shared vision for patternplate


A New Hope

Mission statement


patternplate strives to provide the best platform for development, presentation and maintenance of Living Style Guides for the net.

Open by default


Development and discussion on the platform are inclusive and open to everyone. Style guides make details of the project understandable and transparent to all stakeholders.

The source is the style guide


Style guides are exactly what they document.

This enables full life cycle support for projects.

First-class components


Style guides are made up from reusable components. The whole system revolves around modularization and management of dependencies.


This holds true for a multitude of integration environments.


Full lifecycle


Style guides help with design, initial development, integration, documentation and longterm maintenance.


Pick your own poison


Functionality is configurable, extensible and can be overridden, but sane defaults are always available.


As much functionality as possible is deferred to plugins.



Plug and play


Setup, starting and deployment of style guides should be a matter of minutes.



Tackling the Death Star


/  Open by default

/  The source is the style guide

/  Full lifecycle

/  First-class components

/  Pick your own poison

/  Plug & Play


→ Best LSG platform for the Web?

patternplate - State of the Union & Vision

By Mario Nebl

patternplate - State of the Union & Vision

State of the patternplate platform as of January 2016. Ideas about the way forward.

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