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  • Migrating a big old codebase to Vue 3

  • $attrs in Vue 3

  • Vuesualizations with Vue.js and D3

    This presentation is about the combination of Vue and D3 to create beautiful vuesualisations

  • Apollo State Management

  • VueAndWine GraphQL workshop

    Slides to use during GraphQL workshop

  • Introduction to Vue.js

    just to start a basic workshop

  • Vue Composition API

    New Vue 3 function-based API: why, where and when

  • The Magic of RxJS

  • How to train your Vue CLI plugin

    This presentation shows main components of the Vue CLI plugin and how to make them work together

  • Mini Introduction to Vue.js

    Vue Vixens special! for mini skulks

  • GraphQL & Apollo

    How to use GraphQL with Apollo client and vue-apollo inside the Vue-powered web application

  • Angular features in Vue

  • VueVixens: Badassery in 2018

  • GraphQL & Apollo

  • Progressive Web Applications