• The Emergence of the Global Irish-Speaking Population in the Nineteenth-Century: Implications and Impacts

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  • Victorian Literary Languages: Education and Literacy

  • ACIS 2021: Intergenerational Transmission and Irish-Language Shift, 1851-1891

  • Pinpointing Rates of Nineteenth-Century Language Shift in Ireland: A Return to the Census Data

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  • Computational Approaches to Irish Studies, MLA 2020

    "Data Mining, Large-Scale Bibliographic Analysis, and Other Computational Approaches to Irish Studies": Irish Studies in Practice

  • Using Intergenerational Transmission as a New Marker of Irish-Language Shift, 1851-1891

    ACIS Mid-Atlantic 2019

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  • Corpas Litríochta na Gaeilge sa Naoú hAois Déag: Amharc Domhanda

  • Tracing Irish Studies through Citations and Library Holdings, ACIS 2019

  • Trends Trajectories Éire-Ireland, ACIS Mid-Atlantic 2017

  • Digital Resistance, ACIS Midwest 2017

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    UCD Global Diaspora Congress 2017

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  • Educational Expansion, Language Shift, and Questions of Correlation in Nineteenth-Century Ireland

  • The National School System and the Irish Language in the Nineteenth Century

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