• co-log: Composable Contravariant Comonadic Logging

  • Picnic: put containers into a Backpack

    Slides for talk about Backpack interface for containers.

  • Haskell Lecture 04: Kinda monoidal types

    Lecture about forall keyword, RankNTypes, kinds several standard type classes: Semigroup, Monoid, Foldable.

  • Haskell Lecture 03: Data types

    Lecture about type aliases, algebraic data types, record syntax, type classes and module system .

  • Haskell Lecture 02: Basic syntax

    Lecture contains basic Haskell syntax constructions such as function definitions, simple keywords, polymorphism, lists with some juice, HOF's, currying, application and composition with comparison to other languages. Also introduces fun laziness.

  • Многопоточное программирование на Haskell

    Презентация-обзор возможностей многопоточного программирования на Haskell