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  • Poisson Probabilities

  • Conditional Formatting Formulas

  • Conditional Formatting

  • RACON IFS Functions

  • RACON IF Functions

  • RACON Logical Test

  • Doing a Variance Table Problem

  • Reverse Exponential

  • Exponential Distribution

  • Dice Outcomes Practice Problems

  • Practice Binomial Table Problems

  • The Geometric Distribution

  • 1. Probability - Exponential Distribution

  • 1. Probability - Building a Binomial Table

    a.k.a., Building a binomial distribution.

  • 1. Probability - Counting Power Sets

    The set of all possible subsets one could form from the mother set.

  • 1. Probability - Arranging Letters in a Word

    Multinomial arrangements of a mother set with repetition (i.e., duplicate members).

  • 1. Probability - Permutation and Combination Problems

    Multinomial arrangements of mother sets sorted into two groups (= binomial arrangements).

  • 1. Probability - Drawing With Replacement

    The basics on how to count the number of ways to draw n items from a mother set of N items.

  • 1. Probability - Drawing Without Replacement

    The basics on how to count the number of ways to draw k items from a mother set of n items.

  • True and False Positives Problems

    a.k.a., Conditional probability problems: If A is true, what's the probability of B?

  • Practice Computing Variance

    By hand, using a calculator and a table.