• Kubernetes - Devfest Nuremburg 2022

  • Kubernetes 101

    This talk was about the basic concepts of Kubernetes.

  • What makes a great design and user experience?

  • Design Systems - Revamping Products for consistent UIs [React Summit 2021]

    In this talk, Taley'a will be discussing how design system enables the consistency among the products, you will explore the core components of the design system, along with the key benefits and challenges while building the design system.

  • Progressive Web Apps [IDN Boarding School 2021]

  • Design Systems - Revamping Products for consistent UIs [GDG Devfest 2020]

    Over the last decade, it has been seen that design has become a crucial part of product development and companies are investing heavily in improving user interfaces and user experience of their products. In this introductory talk of design systems, we are going to learn how the design system is going to be another step towards improvement in design and development of products at the moment and how it enables the consistency among the products. We will explore the core components of the design system, along with the key benefits and challenges while building the design system.

  • Last Day in Tech Karo

  • Problem Solving

  • Fruit Salad Challenge

  • Introduction to web development

  • Orientation 2020

  • Level up your design system with styled-system [womenofreact.com conference April 2020]

  • HTML Forms

  • PWAs On the Go - [GDG Islamabad - Devfest 2019]

    Slides used for the Great GDG Flagship Event - Devfest 2019 [imported from Google Slides]

  • Building Design Systems With React - [Dev Session - Sastaticket.pk]

    This slides are taken from @emmawedekind, leaders of design system, to introduce the concepts and internals of design system to our developers and POs team at Sastaticket.pk

  • Why Community ? - FusionX 2019

  • How to design a magazine cover [University of Karachi - Mass Com - April 2018]

    In this talk, explained how we can design a book cover and magazine with the help of Adobe photoshop, illustrator and Indesign [Imported from Google Slides]

  • What's New in JS [Devncode - May 2018]

    Discuss the new features in ES6 [Imported from Google Slides]

  • Say Hello to MobX [DevSession - Sastaticket.pk]

    A dev-session to understand MobX and it's concepts for state management

  • TWA - Publish PWA to Play store [Google IO19 Extended]

    Progressive Web App(PWA) has been evolving for the few past years. It allows us to use modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users, but a downside to PWAs was its lack of availability on the Play store and most of the clients wants to have their app in the Play Store for their customers. With TWA(Trusted Web Activity), Chrome v72+ enabled us to run our website in fullscreen mode without a browser toolbar within an APK (Android Package). In this talk, we will learning how to publish our PWA to Play Store within a few simple steps through TWA.

  • Let's React on Redux Anti-patterns [ReactKHI Meetup#03]

    The purpose of this talk is to introduce main use cases of redux and how it can be organized with react applications, about the issues you faced without knowing where you went wrong using anti-patterns and how they can be avoided by following best practices

  • Keynote - ReactKHI Meetup # 02

    Introduction to ReactKHI and a glance at React conf 2018

  • Redux vs. React New Context API [ReactKHI Meetup # 01]

    As React 16.3.0 launched a new Context API, that works similar to Redux in terms of passing data into deeply nested components, there are some questions, claims or confusions in the field by most of the developers i.e., "Is new Context API the death of Redux?", "will Redux survive with New Context API?", "Redux will be replaced by Context API." and like "What will be the future of Redux?" In this talk, we will learn first how much and in which way Context API is similar to Redux, what benefit we get through it, how Context API works, and find answers to above questions throughout the talk.

  • Chrome DevTools [NgGirls - 2018]

    The Tricks you should know!