using open data and open source tools 
to support social services and social change

Presented at Minnesota Social Service Association 
Annual Conference 2014


  1. Spark conversation, debate, and collaboration around the use of open data in social services and social change
  2. Engage participants in actively considering how open data might change their work
  3. Empower participants to take leadership in the growing open data and data justice movements within their field!

Make a list

What kinds of data do you see 

in this room, right now? 

Take 3 minutes.

Make a list

What kind of data do you already collect 
at your organization or agency?

If you aren't at an agency,
imagine being at an agency you'd like to be at.

Take 3 minutes.

ON post-it notes

What kind of data would you like to have?

Take 3 minutes.

a few startling facts...

 Source: WikiLeaks Document Release