NUMBERS- Userbase

  • 750 Million students across the world fall under K - 12
  • 448 Million children under the age of 18 in India
  • India has the 3rd largest number of young digital natives 

  • 80,000 private schools in India catering to the middle class
  • 45% of all students in rural India pay for private input 
  • Number of students enrolled in private schools increasing Y-o-Y

Numbers DIGITAL resources in education

  • India has the 3rd largest number of young digital natives 
  • India ranked 2nd by volume in visits to Khan Academy & Youtube

  • Increasingly, students are using online resources to learn
  • ranks 829th among Indian websites

  • The current generation of students have grown up online
  • Youtube is 7 years old. What does the future of content 7 years hence look like?

The Billion $ Question

How do we use


to help students learn 


OUR THESIS - USING DIGITAL to improve learning

  • Make digital content creation very easy & efficient

  • Make it visual & interactive. Use images, video & games 

  • Incentivise students to create, not just consume - They learn better that way

  • Enable teachers to create customized content for their class

  • Optimize for anytime anywhere learning - on mobiles, tablets 

  • Make the content re-usable & easy to edit

  • Keep it open - no custom hardware or software needed

WHAT are WE BUILding

  • A web-app which makes creating  digital content for education simple and easy
  • A platform to host, distribute & consume this content 
  • A community of learners (demand) & content creators (supply)


 A host of features to enhance students' engagement with concepts & content


View Demo video & content samples at :

what does this mean?

  • It becomes really EASY for ANY student or teacher to create digital content
    No tech skills or software proficiency needed. Works on any device

  •  Create a module in 15 minutes in a free-flowing manner

  • CUSTOMIZE for local language, class proficiency & learning styles. 

  • Include local examples and use-cases students can identify with

gO to mARKET -1

  • Partner with schools to integrate the platform with their LMS
  • Interesting exploratory questions assigned to students & groups 
  • Students use the platform's curated repository to explore & research
  • Students structure, plan & record their answers 
  • Students share their answers with the class.
  • Teachers & other students provide feedback & ask follow up questions

  • Teachers can create customized content for their class

  • Schools get a safe, non-disruptive way to introduce digital literacy
  • Teachers get a great formative assessment tool
  • Students build a digital portfolio, stay more engaged and learn better


Note 1:  45% of students in  India pay for private inputs in education
Note 2:  The quality of teachers who provide tuitions is dubious 

  • Create a network of highly qualified, experienced teachers 
  • Enable them to create high quality digital content using Sokratik's authoring tool
  • Use the sokratik platform to distribute as supplementary learning material
  • Charge a monthly fee , do revenue share with teachers


Note: Several among us want to teach but can not commit the time 

  • Create an open platform for educational questions
  • Build a community of volunteers & students to create answers
  • Create visual explanatory answers with Sokratik


Note: Textbook publishers need to go digital to stay relevant 

  • Create an enterprise version of the Authoring tool
  • License the tool to traditional publishers to digitize their content


next steps

  • Explore the various go-to-market models

  • Gather feedback from users & plan features accordingly

  • Get product- market fit & identify the best revenue model

  • Expand the team and build a product fit for the global markets

  • Explore markets outside India ( U.S. & South -East Asia)



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