A dumb name
for an awesome thing.

by Miles Rausch


Hi. I'm Miles.

Let's talk about CSS

Not quite recognizable

Not quite consistent

Let's talk about preprocessors




Preprocessor problems

Introducing: PostCSS

PostCSS is a dumb name

It's an engine

for plugins to transform

into almost anything.

Browse plugins at

Demo time.


  • Our original project





  • Updated for dev.Objective() 2016


The End

PostCSS: A Dumb Name For an Awesome Thing

By Miles Rausch

PostCSS: A Dumb Name For an Awesome Thing

CSS preprocessors have revealed to front-end developers the shortcomings of CSS. But there was a catch: you had to choose your language and stick with it. Would you go Sass? Or try LESS? Was Stylus your flavor? PostCSS, built on Node, is a CSS transforming engine that lets you choose (and write) the plugins that you need (or want) to take your styling source files and turn them into CSS. It's fast; it's flexible; it's awesome.

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