Insync Processes Q2

Back to Basics with Build-Measure-Learn

2018 Epic Goal 

  • Increase communication within the company.
  • Organizations which design systems are constrained to produce systems which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations."
    - Conway's Law

Get                        in sync!

Q1 Goals Review

  • Create a cadence process and make it stick.
  • Meeting Mondays
  • Daily Standups
  • Thanks, Geekbot!
  • "Code frequency" metric
  • In progress, moved to Q2 goals
  • Start with 100k goal, thanks @kurt!

Q2 Goals

  1. Incorporate Build-Measure-Learn model 
  2. Intensive Onboarding with Ja
  3. Culture of Testing with the D

What is Build-Measure-Learn?

  • core of the Lean Startup model 
  • basically the scientific method applied to startups
  • Why? Helps us become more empirical vs theory or guesswork


  • Hypothesis (founder vision)
  • MVP to test hypothesis
  • Measure response
  • Learn from JTBD interviews
  • reconcile with founder vision

Intensive Onboarding with jadue

  • Strike whilst the iron is hot. Insyncers are most malleable early on
  • If we can communicate our best processes and values early, we can ensure they are aligned and integrate with us quickly
  • Initial groundwork is done

Culture of Testing with the D

  • Good testing ferrets out problems in the code and architecture proactively.

  • Testing culture means less work for everyone!

  • Need 2 QA's which can be go-betweens for devs and support

Let's get
in sync.


Insync Processes Q2

By Beato Bongco

Insync Processes Q2

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