themed days 2.0

"Structure is how we scale."
- The Manager’s Path



  • baby steps we take towards our goals
  • habit-forming

processes should

  • small, incremental, easy to adopt
  • transparent, defensible
  • allow us to work smart
  • bring problems to the surface
  • not busywork

Process evolution

Themed Days

Each day has a theme that will guide work in the company.


Reduces cognitive load.


"What do I do today?"


"Well, what day is it?"

Meeting Mondays

  • Get in sync!
  • Focus Setting
    • Tasks as Github issues
    • Technical Debt Initiatives 
    • Post on #standup
  • Collab Setting
    • Set invite on company Google Calendar
  • Sanity Check
    • Is what you're doing aligned with getting to product-market fit?
    • Others are encouraged to butt-in

Technical Debt Tuesdays (TDT)

  • Refactor code
  • Create guides and documentation
  • Create curricula for different jobs
  • If none, do support and document a common problem

“Budget 20% of time for generic sustaining engineering work across the board. Cleaning up systems as you go keeps those systems easy to work in, which keeps your teams moving forward on new features.”

- The Manager’s Path

Deep Work Wednesdays

  • Wednesdays are apparently the most productive day of the week.
  • lock down, dig in and focus on completing your goals for the week
  • WFH, use zen rooms, use earphones
  • Don't distract others

Collab Thursdays

  • “Collaboration has explosive upside, what is mathematically called a superadditive function.” - Taleb, Antifragile

  • Pair programming, KT, brainstorm, ask for/give feedback
  • Have output
  • Post summary on Github

Effing Fridays

  • Week In Review
    • What got done?
    • What needs to be moved?
    • Roadblocks?
  • Discuss stuff about the company
    • especially every last Thursday/Friday of the month
  • Learn new things
  • Get rekt



Let's get
in sync.

Themed Days 2.0

By Beato Bongco

Themed Days 2.0

Improvements to the Themed Days process

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