Source Control Migration Plan & Updates

Why change vcs?

  • SVN sucks.
  • SVN swallows our files :( 
  • Seriously SVN, stahp :'(
  • Time to say bye bye.


  • Evaluated GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab. 
  • Decided for Visual Studio Online for nice HTML interface, build integration with our stack, unlimited repos and useful features.
  • Everyone already has a Microsoft account anyway for work, so no need to mix "gmail"s.
  • It's just git.

How to migrate?

  • In several phases.
  • First, go to and sign in, clone the dashboard repo. Start working from there.
  • You all have accounts using your emails. 
  • This is the first step

The future

  • Move rest of TipRanks to git
  • Integrate CI, commits to master only through pull requests on successful builds. 
  • Integrate MyGet builds, private NuGet and npm repositories. 
  • Integrate tests for encforcing sanity as part of CI. 
  • Integrate automatic deployment - A deploy to the TipRanksStaging-Sharon branch uploads to the 

That's it

  • Ideas about source control?
  • Suggestions about tools we need?
  • Anything else?

Other updates


  • We did not release a version last week which isn't great. Why do we think that happened?
  • You guys work too much. Work is important but it's not the most important thing in life. I don't mind trying 20% time if you promise to do other stuff too, or just work less.

This week's version

  • We have to release a high quality version this week. Be proud of creating things people pay a lot to use and saves people money.
  • This does not mean we have to work until 2am, instead, it means we should focus, cutting features is better than delivering unfinished features. 

Source Control Migration Plan

By Benjamin Gruenbaum

Source Control Migration Plan

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