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Brittany Martin

Rails Support Engineer, Ninefold

Pittsburgh Code & Supply



Quick Background

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Day in the Life

My deployment didn't work.

Do you know why?

#1 Local Production

$ rails s

$ npm start

$ python

-e production

-- production

-- production

#2 Staging Server


#4 To PaaS or not to Paas?



"Can I have ssh access to my servers?"


"I'm an expert. Don't worry"

"Everything is broken!"

" deleted Chef."

"You ruined everything."

#5 The Shoe Has To Fit


Thank You!


Enlightenment from Being a Support Engineer

By Brittany Martin

Enlightenment from Being a Support Engineer

A talk Brittany Martin (@BrittJMartin) will be giving to Pittsburgh's Code & Supply meetup on October 9th, 2014.

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