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XMPie Campus

Training Review


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  StoreFlow Cloud

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Training Review

StoreFlow Cloud Edition Training

Launch the Course

Getting Started

Customer Experience

Gallant University Store

Check out how to ...

- Login & Navigation

- View My Account & Cart

- Order Some Products

- Customize Documents

- Use the Document Builder

Planning (not in any order)

Getting Started

Product Types:

   Static, Dynamic,  & Composite

Product Groups (i.e. Categories)

Product Properties (e.g. binding, paper types)

Users, User Groups & Permissions

Approval Setups


some require more planning than others


A Basic Store

Where to Start? Our e-Learning Course!

Next Steps

Global Settings (payments, currencies, users, ...)

Store Settings (registration, store type, ...)

Setup a few product groups (categories)

Create and place online a static product

Put your logo on the site (skinning)

Setup global product properties & product profiles

Setup a dynamic document & product (both ways)

StoreFlow Cloud Edition Training Topics

Next Steps

Introduction / What is Web-to-Print
Customer Experience
uStore Admin Settings
Store Setting
Users and User Group Management
Product Group Management
Adding Static Products
Product Profiles Management
Adding Composite Products
Adding Dynamic Products
Managing Orders/Production and Producing Reports

Other Tutorials

Next Steps

uDirect > uDirect Classic Tutorial (basic VDP setup)

uDirect > Working with Barcodes

StoreFlow > What's new in StoreFlow v8.2 *
StoreFlow > FreeFlow Core Tutorial
StoreFlow > StoreFlow 8 Introduction (overview & features)
StoreFlow > StoreFlow Tutorial (Piece of Cake) for v8.x
StoreFlow > Why use variables for uStore Customization

When watching other StoreFlow tutorials, remember that some options are not available on StoreFlow Cloud, however may provide insight or ideas.

Can you change this design to be a dynamic product for uStore?



Use Support Portal:  www.xmpie.com/support


Email: support@xmpie.com


Info Portal: info.xmpie.com


Questions regarding this training?


Questions regarding what you can do with StoreFlow Cloud Edition?


Questions regarding topics for other training sessions?


Thank you for attending!

StoreFlow Cloud Training Welcome

By Deb Haines

StoreFlow Cloud Training Welcome

This is the training overview slides for StoreFlow Cloud

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