The 8 Points Website Checklist

Presented by: Dan Stramer / @danst

April 2020


Web design and development

Do's and don'ts for a better website and email marketing

About Dan

  • Owner of dmdesign - Webdesign agency
  • Front End Designer and Developer
  • Creating websites since 2000
  • Mentor and Teach at Canada Learning Code
  • Active member at WP Toronto meetups
  • Father of 3 boys (who are at home right now...)

About you

  • You have a business
  • You want to get the word out
  • You want more clients, more business
  • You need a great website





1. Site Speed

  • No one wants to wait.
    (including search engines...)
  • People will not wait, but leave to your competitors website

2. Mobile ready

  • Engaging mobile friendly site
  • More than 40% of users
  • Meet your users everywhere
  • A better mobile site is a better overall site

3. Tracking Enabled

  • Analytics matter
  • Traffic, goals and conversions
  • Know which pages are best
  • Which pages to work on

4. SEO

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Produce a quarterly content plan
  • Content is King
  • Optimizing the site for humans and computers 

5. CMS

  • Content Management System
  • The power of the written word
  • Constantly publish fresh original content

6. social media

  • Cross linking between various social media platforms to your site. 
  • Reuse, Recycle

7. kiss

  • The power of simplicity

8. security

  • Keep your site updated
  • Hosting and ongoing maintenance

one more thing

9. Great service

  • Choose a great service supplier
  • Ongoing support, service and development 
  • It doesn't end when launching a site

Email Marketing

The most effective marketing platform

Email by numbers

  • We read email before drinking coffee
  • We rely on email as main form of communication
  • We trust emails

Use first name of recipient in subject of your email & in the email body to improve engagement and click-through rates.

Put your email marketing on auto pilot - send emails while you are asleep.

When emails are sent automatically, they are timed perfectly - when your customer is engaged and in the right state of mind.

Where do I get content for my emails?

  • ​Website content, it's already there - why not use it?
  • Video content
  • Social media - reuse a good post in your newsletter and link to it
  • Reviews and testimonials

11 Elements


Cheat sheet

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Thank you

Do's and don'ts for a better website and email marketing

By Dan Stramer

Do's and don'ts for a better website and email marketing

Webinar for optimizing your website and email marketing

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