Influence is Not Only About Likes

How I used WordPress to change laws and (maybe) save lives


Élise Desaulniers

What do a pig and a couch have in common? Until recently, according to the Quebec civil code, they were both considered to be movable property. From a legal standpoint, animals had the same rights as a pair of shoes. This opened the door to inhumane practices ranging from abandonment to cock fighting.

We created a a bilingual site
with a free theme,
Polylang and
Participant Database.

More than 30 celebrities have signed the manifesto. Our first PR wave was about this endorsement.

We collected 5 000 signatures in the first hours and we were featured on prime time television.
Our host panicked.

What could we do next ?

What can we do next?



Where to start?


Influence is Not Only About Likes

By Elise Desaulniers

Influence is Not Only About Likes

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