Open Hatch Comes to Campus

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Open Hatch

OpenHatch is a non-profit dedicated to matching prospective free software contributors with communities, tools, and education.

Mozilla is a global, non-profit community dedicated to the mission of building an Internet that is :

Knowable: it’s transparent–we can see it and understand it

Interoperable: it presents opportunity to play and innovate

Ours:  it’s open to everyone and we define it


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Emma Irwin




Agenda, Lab Rules, 

Computer Setup

# IRC isn't just old school: enriching community through text-based chat




Open Data

" There is a misplaced assumption that everybody knows what data is, and how useful it can be. Yet that’s not the case at all.

-Benedict Dellot, RSA Action and Research Institute


Oh yes...

Mozilla Webmaker builds tools, curriculum and community for teaching the web. 

Our mission is to teach and promote web literacy.

NExt 1 Billion Web Users


Contributions Workshop 

Mozilla Webmaker  



* Environment

First Bugs  

Demos & Feedback

Next Steps?

Thank you!

Copy of Integrate Web Literacy with Mozilla Webmaker

By Emma Irwin

Copy of Integrate Web Literacy with Mozilla Webmaker

The Open Data movement requires digital literacy, data literacy, media literacy all reflected in the goals of Webmaker and the Web Literacy Map. #teachtheweb #webmaker

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