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Compared key stats between 2017 and 2018

Internal site search

Google search results and data

Behaviour flow and user journey

Content recommendations

Technical recommendations


Key stats


2017 2018
Pageviews 949,748 730,206
Unique pageviews 732,154 569,140
Users 300,819 195,864
Google - organic search users 149,971 96,019
Google - paid search users 30,267 10,144
Bing - organic search users 22,182 8,239

1st January 2017 - 31st May 2017 (old site)

compared with

1st January 2018 - 31st May 2018 (new site)

Key stats


All these stats indicate a problem

That problem predominantly centres around traffic from search engines

The cause could be related to content, to technical aspects of the site, or a mixture of both

Red herrings


2017 2018
Bounce rate 59.31% 61.03%
Homepage views 59,185 55,539

Red herrings / positives


These stats suggest there's nothing major wrong with the website technology. The stats for the homepage and the bounce rate are similar enough not to cause major concern in and of themselves.

Internal site search


2017 2018
Searches on the site 20,645 11,633
Search depth 2.78 2.29
Search result pageviews 57,393 27,639

On the old site, people used the search function more, and searched further through the results. So around 30,000 'missing' pageviews result from this.

Internal site search


Google search results


This comparison covers:

1st March - 31st May 2017 (old site)

1st March - 31st May 2018 (new site)


(there was no search console data in Jan/Feb 2017)

Google search results


2017 2018
Search impressions 2,666,428 1,463,650
Search clicks 183,395 84,222
Click through rate 6.88% 5.76%
Average position in search results 14 27

Google search results

Some specific search terms (clicks)

2017 2018
National Literacy Trust 5,076 5,122
Literacy Trust 1,334 1,255

Google search results


Again, this suggests there is no technical problem since for these terms, your site is being found just as much as it was before

Google search results

Some specific search terms (impressions & clicks)

2017 - I. 2017 - C. 2018 - I. 2018 - C.
Phonics 45,039 2,457 3,263 199
Vocabulary 6,950 500 2,250 127

Visibility has dropped substantially

For search terms that are not directly related to your brand

Google search results


2017 2018
Pages appearing in search results 10,249 2,517
Clicks on .pdf from search 90,822 15,278
.pdf search position 16 36
Downloads of PDF files 65,046 5,944

Behaviour flow


Resources: content for SEO


Some additional things to look at



This page should be removed or redirected


Canonical URL

Similar URLs eg.







Is office traffic excluded?

There is no exclusion filter in Google Analytics



Event tracking

There was event tracking on the old site, counting downloads of PDFs and documents, but not on the new site



Literacy Trust

By Glyn Thomas

Literacy Trust

Google Analytics analysis, July 2018

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