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Health Wearables


Health Engine

  • Flexible recommendations
  • Sensor Agnostic
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Extensible

Engine Implementation

  • Web Service¬†
    • written in Python
    • for advanced processing

  • On Device Engine
    • simple analysis
    • more time critical
    • summarizing

Additional Features

  • Easy recommendation definition
    • using a spreadsheet
    • or using a JSON file
  • Simulator

Simulation 1

Forgot Blood Pressure Pill

Simulation 2

High Blood Pressure After Poor Sleep

Simulation 3

Low Activity

Future Improvements

  • using other sensors
    • smart home
    • bathroom scale
    • sensors on bed
  • learning from data
    • data mining to improve suggestions
    • early detection of health issues


By Ibrahim Muhammad

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