Getting What You Want in Your Next Development Project

Top 10 Tips for Successful Development Projects

10. Requirements:

Describe Desired Functionality In As Much Details As Possible - Do Not Describe How It Should Be Done

9. Requirements:

Shoot for the Sweet Spot: Requirements, Use Cases, Mockups

8. Standard Language

  • Code made available under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later
  • Code must be shared in a public git repository
  • Require that tech specs are shared with community
  • No negative performance impacts - ask them to identify how development will affect performance
  • Public catalog (and web client) - visually accessible and responsive design
  • New text strings should be translatable
  • Developer will provide automated tests that integrate with community tools such as BuildBot and the live tester.


7. Nice-to-have items can be add-ons


6. Get (and understand) developer's detailed approach after contract is signed


5. Strongly Consider the Question of Testing on Production Data


4. Test early and often


3. Test against every requirement and every spec that was written


3a. Also test for breakage of existing functionality


2. Know your leverage when reporting issues


1. Know that you quite often get everything you want out of your development project

Testing Add-On:

Special Considerations for the Web Client


Development Projects

By Kathy Lussier

Development Projects

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