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About Me

JS is an unavoidable part of web development


In The Beginning...


Then, about a decade later, AJAX

  • Suddenly, JS > Presentation
  • Ushered in an era of JS Frameworks/Libraries
  • Still, there weren't really any 'JS Developers'

Enter V8

V8 and its compatriots did (and still work to) make JS quick enough to be considered a performant language by all but the pickiest standards

Today, Browsers can do a ton

  • Audio/Video
  • Offline Capabilities
  • Back-End as a Service
  • (This Slideshow)

Not to mention asm.js


The advent of Node.js was a catalyst for

the already explosive growth of the JS community

Why it Worked

Web developers already spoke not only JS, but async.

The community works to make it accessible to all.

A Quick Demonstration

I'm going to stand up an API, with Mongoose and Restify, in around 10 minutes. It'll allow me to add and get a resource

That's cool and all, but it's still software.



  • Written by the father of NodeBots, Chris Williams
  • Allows Node to communicate with Serial (USB)
  • Launched quietly, but laid the foundation for most node hardware


Ubiquitous with NodeBots

Control Arduino with Node

Built on Node-Serialport

Johnny-Five Demo

2 Servos, controlled by rotating potentiometers

All written in JS


Tiny Computers

The next advance in JS Hardware: Small, Cheap, ARM-based Linux systems.

  • Run Node directly on the hardware
  • Don't need to tether via USB
  • 2 top contenders: Raspberry Pi/BeagleBone Black

BeagleBone Demo

We'll see how the integrated cloud9 IDE works, and light up an RGB LED.

Even more Applications

  • NodeCopters
  • node-gamepad
  • Many more

JS Directly on Hardware

There are applications of JS on hardware that use an interpreter directly instead of going through Node.

Firefox OS

Firefox OS is a phone/tablet OS

You write apps for it in the web tech you already know.

(They even recently released an Android Bundler!)

Just HTML, CSS, and JS.


Kickstart-ered last year

Runs JS on the microprocessor

A little unstable, but getting there.

Meant for full-on development!

The JS community

The awesome

Open-Source as a default

NPM/Bower/Central Package Directories

Modules > Systems

The Not-So-Awesome

We have a serious fanaticism Problem.



Come find me and let me know if you disagree with the following:

I don't like large frameworks like Ember, Angular, Rails, or Express- I feel smaller frameworks and networks of modules tend to work out better.


But Don't Panic

We just need to remember to use the right tool for the job, and be willing to try new things.

How You can get involved

Write the Docs.

The Google Principle!

Mentor others.


Come talk to me!



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