East or West remote is best

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- working remotely for 6 years

- worked in office for 6 months
Mark Orel
Software engineer
remote work has opened the door to a new era of freedom and luxury. A brave new world beyond the industrial-age belief in The Office

Don't Try

This at Home





Me working at home

the temptation to procrastinate is higher


Also me working at home

Super productive


Bruned out

Best situation

Part 1.


Start the task you want to solve now.

Lie to your brain: say it takes only 5 minutes

Track the time you are working.

Try to join this with Pomadoro techique

Work no more than 30 hours a week*.

*except rare cases.

Look at your battery usage.

And try to decrease usage of it.

Avoid distracting habits that just take you time.

Change your password in facebook to long one. Logout and each time you see log in page trigger yourself.

Install the app to help you with this 📲

*it block even apps not only websites.

Find the best time for you to work

For me it's the time between 11p.m and 4a.m

Don't be scared to do NOT work in working hours.

BUT have at least four hours of overlap in working hours

Respect your free time.

Part 2.


Eat better.

You won't want to work without energy.

Sleep at least 6 hours.

Use f.lux for better sleep.

Drink water.

Lifehack: just put a bottle near your laptop.

Save energy on communications.

If you feel that you need to tell something huge to someone - use video call / screencast. Don't waste your time on messaging.

Save energy on actions.

Learn and use shortcuts everywhere you can. Create your own shortcuts using some apps.

Save energy on cooking.

Buy as much automated things as you can. Multi-Cookings systems are good helpers.

Part 3.


Find relaxation method for you brain

Work with muscles can be easily finished by relaxing on the sofa. It doesn't help for brain.

Use silent mode.

Say your colleagues you can be reached by phone only for example. 

Don't forget about music

Change your working environment.

To achieve some kind of concentration.

Stop multitasking!

It's impossible to work in such mode for long time.

Focus on quality not quantity.

Try to do actually nothing for 5 minutes.

This will stimulate you to do something.

 Always work with a specific purpose in mind.

And don't forget 


Being  a remote worker is being on the edge of productivity and procrastination.

The End.

East or West remote is best

By Mark Orel

East or West remote is best

Talk about remote work and how to do it well.

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