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  • Specifiche e modelli
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • WatchKit
  • Demo




Heart Rate Monitor





MageSafe Charger

TapTic Engine

UX Concept

Less Friction

More focus on single/simple tasks.


Less time lost.


No potential risk of dropping your phone every time :)

Use Existing Mental Models

Digital Crown: use of the crown as a way to navigation and interaction


People buy watches for two things: to tell time and to show off status

Flexible Retina Display

Distinguish between light tap and deep press

TapTic Engine

UI Design

WatchKit app interfaces

UI elements

  • Labels
  • Images
  • Groups
  • Tables
  • Buttons
  • Switches
  • Sliders
  • Maps
  • Dates and Timers
  • Menus


WatchKit è il framework utilizzato per la creazioni di app/estensioni runnable on apple watch.

Si preoccupa della gestione

Watch app lifetime

Launch Cycle

A small introduction

App communication

Copy of Watch - Hackatron presentation

By Matteo Comisso

Copy of Watch - Hackatron presentation

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