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February 2013

By Matthew Fabb


  • Dropped their Presto layout engine!
  • Going with WebKit for layout & V8 for JavaScript!
  • Transition will be gradual various Opera
    products over 2013

Layout engines

That leaves just 3 major engines:
  • Trident (IE)
  • Gecko (Mozilla)
  • WebKit (Safari, Chrome, Android default
    browser, Dolphin, Blackberry browser,
    Symbian,  WebOS, AIR & many more)


Would Mozilla ever consider switching to WebKit?
Brendan Eich says NO!
  • Even if they wanted to (they don't) it would take too long
  • Switching add-ons, their Awesome Bar, privacy & security & more would take over a year
  • Firefox would stagnate too much in the process of a switch

Next Gen Layout Engine

  • On top of Gecko they are working on  next  gen layout engine called  Servo
  • Servo focuses on both multicore CPU &  massively parallel GPU
  • Believe that WebKit will hit a wall in speed  when it comes to future hardware of more  CPU & GPU cores

  • Also a belief that the web NEEDS multiple implementations rather than a monoculture

Internet Explorer 10

  • Now out for Windows 7
  • Been out for Windows 8 since last October
  • Microsoft claims IE10 is 20% faster than IE9 via  "real world tests"
  • No Vista or XP support coming
  • Flash Player is not embedded like it is for Windows 8

Adobe EDGE Update!

Adobe Reflow was released!!
Still very early beta (alpha?)
Sprint 16
Currently can only "preview" HTML but cannot export
Cannot import HTML or CSS
WebKit only

Adobe Edge Animate

Updated to 1.5
Adds CSS Filters
CSS gradients
Edge Web Fonts
Better preloading assets
New Colour Picker
# of other small features

Adobe Edge Code

Currently at preview #3
Native menus
Code hinting for CSS
Highlighting for Python
# of other small features

Dreamweaver update

Improvements to Fluid Guids
Edge Web Fonts integration
Additional HTML5 support



WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) is now in Firefox & Chrome
Both teams demoed functionality with a video call

Bits & Bytes

jQuery Mobile 1.3 is out!
jQuery 1.9.1 is out (bug fixes) !
jQuery 2.0 beta 2 shipping shortly
Chrome added a Web Speech API to Chrome 25

front end web dev news feb 2013

By Matthew Fabb

front end web dev news feb 2013

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