How it's made

by Nick Janssen

What is Ironbane?

Browser-based 3D MMO


Online multiplayer

Started in 2012

International team

Our goal?

To make a fun game

using cool technologies

What technologies?

Angular + Meteor

Just one


One command

to run


it all started from a modified example


slow but there's no alternative

3D modeling tool that runs in the browser

Server infrastructure

Let's play together!



My first experience as manager

Learned a lot!

Deadlines are hard.

Everyone is in it for free.

GitHub issues

Keep everyone motivated!

It's not always easy.

Some problems we had

and what we learned from them

Finding people is hard

Especially because we don't earn money

Passion is important

I love working on this stuff.

Team morale!

SUPER important


a WebGL game

Google Chrome Experiments

Any questions?

Thank you!

Nick Janssen


Ironbane: How it’s made

By Nick Janssen

Ironbane: How it’s made

Tokyo WebGL Meetup, 6 Jun 2015. An inside look at a large-scale 3D browser game made in WebGL. The goal of this talk is to give a broad overview of what comes into play when building a larger-scale application such as Ironbane. He will talk about how the project started, how it evolved, what the code is like, what technology we are using, how our server infrastructure works, how we update and deploy our game, our community, problems we had and how we solved them, marketing, the team, project management and a short Q&A session.

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